Monday, October 8, 2012

The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat and Heavenly Eggs

The sad last remaining eggs...
So today I made "The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat. Ever."   Since everything I've ever made off of this blog has been delicious, I imagine this might just be the best chicken ever, I sure hope so!  I also made another batch of Mayo, from the same blog, as the previous batch was turned into Ranch dip and mostly consumed.  Then I made Heavenly Eggs (Deviled Eggs to the unenlightened) with it, oh how super yummy!  They are even better than normal Heavenly Eggs made with conventional mayo.  I made 8 eggs worth, because I'm running low on eggs, but all but 3 eggs worth were eating in a matter of minutes, mostly by Ender and me,
I love my rotisserie so much, it's fast and turns out delicious meat!
then I had to hide the rest to save for supper.  Actually, I wanted enough to take to homeschool meeting tomorrow to have for lunch, but I don't think that's going to happen...   The chicken truly was the best chicken ever, the Morocan dip was exquisite, I licked my plate, then went back for 2nds, then licked my plate again.  It was only when I was on my 2nd plate I realized that I completely forgot to make the veggie dish I had planned, which was just going to be some sort of broccoli and cauliflower something...  Shame on me, at least I ate soup with tons of veggies for lunch, but still I should have had something, oh well, I don't think its the end of the world, I hope :)
Not so pretty, but it's sure yummy!
On another note, I went to the Crossfit gym on Friday and I'm still sore!  Well, I'm not really to sore anymore, just a teeny bit, but I hurt like heck for two days, pretty sad since the workout was stuff I did all the time at my gym, just a bit more intense and numerous.  And it was me and 4 guys there so of course I probably did more than I should have, since I'm ridiculously competitive, pretty stupid for my first day and being 26 weeks pregnant.  Oh well, it was awesome, I had a blast and soreness just means I actually accomplished something.  I did lift more on Clean and Jerk than I have before, lifting #95 over your head really feels awesome, especially when you do it about 20 times, maybe why I'm sore...  But I only squatted #115 as that seems much harder than before pregnancy, it makes me laugh to think that conventional Dr's say pregnant women shouldn't lift over #45.   Oh well, enough bragging :)

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